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We are a small woman-owned consulting company. We envision a world in which deep learning drives our collective well-being. We partner with organizations to integrate proven principles and practices of adult learning into a wide range of initiatives.

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About this course

Why use this Guide?

Most of us either have limited experience with online learning or know online learning to be impersonal and passive. It does not need to be that way! Online learning can be built using the very same principles as powerful in-person learning. Online learning can be superbly relevant, engaging, and action oriented. All we need to do is be intentional in our design and open our minds to creative possibilities.

What will you get from this Guide?

The guide actively supports you to create an online learning experience – either from scratch or from an existing in-person design. Through this Guide you will:

  • Ground your design in proven adult learning theory
  • Establish the five foundational steps of your design
  • Consider key decisions related to your preferred online learning structure and platform(s)
  • Finalize a draft design for input
  • Reflect on your emerging design through an equity lens
  • Receive feedback on your design from GLP

The Guide is written in plain language, using visual metaphors and videos to enliven the content and entice your own creative ideas. It also includes two real examples of effective online learning designs created by GLP in partnership with our clients.

If you want to go beyond what is in the guide, GLP offers courses and mentoring on all aspects of learning assessment, design, facilitation and evaluation. We can work alongside you, to build learning programs while building your skills.


Training Administrator / North Carolina Guardian Ad Litem

"I got so much from this... Seeing how a strong step-by-step design for self-guided learning works, ideas and examples, 2 key design questions, the REACH acronym. I love, love, love the diversity, equity and inclusion focus and the equity perspectives. And the toolkit is rich and generous with helpful tips, options, ideas. Very exciting!"

What else do you need to know?

  • Access: You will have indefinite access to this quick guide through your Ruzuku login. If you are part of a team, we recommend that each person register for access to the Quick Guide, so that you can walk through the process independently and take full advantage of the one free design review offered.
  • Length: This guide is an entirely self-paced, on demand course. You can crank through it in one workday or walk through it over a week or two, with input along the way.
  • Pre-requisites: None. The guide assumes that you are brand new to learning-centered design (whether in-person or online). That said, there is also a lot to learn and unpack for people who are already experienced with a learning-centered approach!
  • Payment: You can pay for the course by credit card in Ruzuku using PayPal or Stripe. You also have the option to pay by check. To pay by check, please contact us.